Saturday, 7 June 2014

MCM Expo May 2014 roundoff

Hey folks :) Well, I've finally recovered from expo enough to write my journal entry about it. As always, my Facebook page has more frequent updates, but I'll try to get updates up here too.

So expo was quite an interesting experience this time as Capcom invited us up to swan around in our Monster Hunter armours to help promote MH 3 and 4:

It was great fun, and it was lovely to get chatting to so many MH fans.

I also wore a new costume - Android 18 from DBZ. I've just started getting into DBZ but already love it, and have a few costumes planned. I wasn't originally going to make 18's outfit (at least not yet) but I got given a load of old jeans which gave me plenty of fabric for her skirt and jacket, and overall I'm pleased with how the costume came out. The wig was also my first attempt at straightening, and although Nomes Cosplay had to help neaten up my straight cut, I think it all went well:

Unfortunately I'm not sure what my next event is, though this year should mark my first attempt at LARP and the associated outfits and armours. I'm also planning MGS4 'sweet' snake with Nomes as 'sweet' Raiden, and a couple of other projects that I will talk about more when I can.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Commissions open, a few choice pieces, and Hylian shield

 So it's been a while since I last posted - what with the bad weather and the UK convention-off-season (for me, at least) I've been lazy - oops. As always, check out for more regular updates.

Anyways, My next convention is Kitacon, and hopefully I'll be wandering around as:
Rathian Gunner - Monster Hunter 3u
Link - Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Faye - Cowboy Bebop
I might also have another re-wear packed, but at the moment I'm focused on finishing these three off.

I fully opened commissions at the start of this year - so anything and everything that needs making can be considered. So far I've had a few odds and ends, and here are a couple of my favourites:

Mitsuki from Kyokai no Kanata:

And Kristoff from Frozen (photo stolen from, the recipient)

And while my costume isn't complete yet, I feel the need to show off my Hylian shield. My whole Link  costume is a budget built, using about £20's worth of stuff (including the white under-tunic-garments) and scraps but I like to think this shows that scraps go a long way:

I should have a more purposeful post sometime, but for now, the Kitacon-panic is about to begin.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Post-MCM post

 So October MCM 2013 in London will forever be.... the first time I got con-flu. Having finally recovered and caught up with stuff, I can now show you lovely people the... lack of photos I had taken of my costumes...

Friday I drove up to London for the first time, and the people I was room-sharing with didn't arrive 'till late, so I didn't cosplay. I did get a nice look round the dealer's room, and actually bought some stuff for a change though.

Saturday was the big one - the Jak and Daxter group with Jenny and Naomi (and Matt, but I drag him everywhere). I'd finished the costumes for Matt and myself the day before we left, so I was pretty pleased with how they came out, even if the rush to finish meant that I didn't seal the paint and wig dye again rain... and of course it rained on Saturday. Once the weather cleared up though, it was great fun, and lots of people recognised us, which was heartening.

Sunday we wore out Attack on Titan uniforms. I think I've found the definition of nerve-wracking - making a jacket and fully body harness which someone tries on half an hour before they want to wear it to a con. Oh well, everything mostly fit, and we met a ton more awesome AoT cosplayers, so that costume'll definitely be a keeper.

All in all, expo was great (a tad cold), despite the few teething problems that the new ticket/queueing system had.
Next projects include: Ms Marvel (Earth's Mightiest Heroes) and Faye (Cowboy Bebop). Keep posted.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

October expo 2013 runup

Right, it's been a while since I posted becuase I have been swamped with prep for October Expo 2013 in London.

Following Ayacon, some friends and I got talking and realised we all liked Attack on Titan a bit too much, so with only two months to play with, I had the task of making the uniforms. Thankfully it was only three of them, but it still took a while, making the jackets, harnesses, skirts and my tshirt from scratch:

Also, my partner and I are doing a small Jak and Daxter cosplay group. I'm still in the panic-making stage of those costumes, but here's a sneak peak:

In-btween the large tasks, I've also had a great amount of fun for my first time using worbla, making Melisandre's choker from season 2 of the Game of Thrones TV show:
Hopefully the young lady who it is for will like it and look beautiful as one of the most undoubtably evilcharacters that GoT has to offer ;)

Other than that, October expo will be my second wear of Garrus, as I'm already planning a new big costume for Kitacon2014.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Very late Ayacon update - complete with Garrus

So, Ayacon 2013 (the final Ayacon ever) was last month. It was my first time going to an Ayacon event, and it was great fun. It was also my first time entering the cosplay masqurade, and I have to thank everyone that cheered and had nice things to say - it made the whole thing enjoyable rather than terrifying. It was also great fun getting to natter to some people in the waiting room for the masq, so thanks for all being so friendly.

I also managed to wander round for part of the day in my Garrus, though it was warm and quite akward to move in. My partner had to act as my bag-carrier in the battle dress Shepard I made.

For the other days I was lazy and wore May from Pokemon and Naoto from Persona 4, but didn't get any new photos as I was too busy enjoying the convention.

As always, especially as this update is so late, take a look at for more regular updates, including tutorials and progress pictures.